Not all Christians are like Roy Spencer, thank God

Dr Roy Spencer of the University of Alabama is one of the few scientists who minimize the importance of the human contribution to recent climate change. He is also an ardent Christian and a member of the advisory board of the  Cornwall Alliance, a group that thinks that God’s fingers control the global thermostat. He’s an evolution “doubter”, “contrarian” or “skeptic”, as well.

Previously, he  has likened those of us who are concerned about climate change to Nazis.

Today, in the wake of the dreadful terrorist attacks in Paris, he posted this on Facebook.

As a response from a Christian to the human suffering in Paris, I would have expected something better than sarcasm and ideological point-scoring. You know, something like compassion for the victims, even forgiveness for the perpetrators. Instead Spencer serves up snarky comments about SUVs and gun control. He should be ashamed of himself.

However, we must be careful not to judge all Christians by the behaviour of one deranged extremist.

5 thoughts on “Not all Christians are like Roy Spencer, thank God

  1. Not only does this represent another in a long string of lows by Spencer, but it demonstrates that his history is no better than his climate science (how conveniently we all forget the crusades and inquisition, and that while protestant churches did not have a Congregation of the Holy Office of the Inquisition, they did pursue similar tactics against Catholics, anabaptists and the non-religious). Equally he shows he is a poor religious scholar, for the Koran specifically forbids the killing of people to enforce conversion to Islam. ISIS is no more true to their faith (as taught by Mohamed) than were the Crusaders and Inquisition true to the Christian faith (as taught by Jesus and Paul).

  2. Thanks, Tom. Not just crusades and inquisitions, but slavery, colonialism and shabby treatment of aboriginal populations (not that those additions make a complete list).

    I’m an atheist and I dislike it when people tell me something like “because you are an atheist, you must believe x, y and z”. So I tend to tread warily in commenting on what Muslims and Chistians really ought to believe if they are true to their religions.

    However, I think your main point is that Roy Spencer is a rather hypocritical ignoramus and I have no quibbles with that.

  3. rewriting history mr spencer, ISIS goes back long before the syrian drought, the drought caused nearly 1.6 million to move to cities and urban areas, therein was the cause

  4. Andy, hi,

    I took the time to read through Roy’s screed on creation/the bible that you linked to at the top of your post. Not only does it make the standard error of conflating evolution with creation, but it is one of the most tedious passages of circular reasoning that I have read in a long time.

    The worst part of it is that I’ll never get the time invested in reading it back :-\

  5. Andy, hi,

    I took the time to read through that screed of Roy’s you linked to at the top of your post, about creation and the bible. It’s one of the most tedious passages of circular reasoning that I’ve had the displeasure to read in a long time.

    I suppose it explains a lot about Roy Spencer, though.

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