It has never been part of my job description to publish research papers or even to give talks at conferences. Most of the work and writing for the items below was done in my spare time. Occasionally, my employers offered some encouragement. More often, they just turned a blind eye.

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Peer-reviewed journal articles

Skuce, A. G., Cook, J., Richardson, M., Winkler, B., Rice, K., Green, S. A., Jacobs, P. and Nuccitelli, D. (2016). Does it matter if the consensus on anthropogenic global warming is 97% or 99.99%?. Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society, 36(3), 150-156. Journal article (pay-walled) Full accepted manuscript PDF

Cook, J., Oreskes, N., Doran, P.T., Anderegg, W.R., Verheggen, B., Maibach, E.W., Carlton, J.S., Lewandowsky, S., Skuce, A.G., Green, S.A. and Nuccitelli, D., 2016. Consensus on consensus: a synthesis of consensus estimates on human-caused global warming. Environmental Research Letters, 11(4), p.048002. Magazine article Open access paper

Cook, J., Nuccitelli, D., Skuce, A., Jacobs, P., Painting, R., Honeycutt, R., Green, S.A., Lewandowsky, S., Richardson, M. and Way, R.G., 2014. Reply to ‘Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature: A re-analysis’. Energy Policy, 73, pp.706-708. Blog post PDF

Cook, J., Nuccitelli, D., Green, S.A., Richardson, M., Winkler, B., Painting, R., Way, R., Jacobs, P. and Skuce, A., 2013. Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature. Environmental research letters, 8(2), p.024024. Open access paper

Geoffroy, L., Callot, J.P., Scaillet, S., Skuce, A., Gélard, J.P., Ravilly, M., Angelier, J., Bonin, B., Cayet, C., Perrot, K. and Lepvrier, C., 2001. Southeast Baffin volcanic margin and the North American‐Greenland plate separation. Tectonics, 20(4), pp.566-584. PDF

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Rennie, W., Leyland, W. and Skuce, A., 1989. Winterburn (Nisku) Reservoirs in Anderson, NL, Hills, LV, and Cederwall, DA, Eds. The CSEG/CSPG Geophysical Atlas of Western Canadian Hydrocarbon Pools, pp.133-154. PDF

Smythe, D.K., Chalmers, J.A., Skuce, A.G., Dobinson, A. and Mould, A.S., 1983. Early opening history of the North Atlantic—I. Structure and origin of the Faeroe—Shetland Escarpment. Geophysical Journal International, 72(2), pp.373-398. PDF

Smythe, D.K., Skuce, A.G. and Donato, J.A., 1980. Geological objections to an extensional origin for the Buchan and Witchground Graben in the North Sea. Nature, 287(5781), pp.467-467. PDF

Other technical contributions

Cook, J., Schuennemann, K., Nuccitelli, D., Jacobs, P., Cowtan, K., Green, S., Way, R., Richardson, M., Cawley, G., Mandia, S., Skuce, A., & Bedford, D. 2015 Making Sense of Climate Science Denial. edx Massive Open Online Course Blog post

J Cook, D Nuccitelli, A Skuce, P Way R, Jacobs, R Painting, R Honeycutt, S A Green, S Lewandowsky, and Coulter A 2014. 24 Critical Errors in Tol (2014): Reaffirming the 97% Consensus on Anthropogenic Global Warming. Brisbane: SkepticalScience, University of Queensland. PDF

Skuce, A.G., 1977. Estimation of isostatic anomalies in part of southern Africa.(University of Leeds, M.Sc. Thesis)

Skuce, A.G., White, A.S., Worthington, S, Yonge, C, 1977 Sheffield and Leeds Universities Expedition to the Taurus Mountains, Turkey, 1976, Transactions of the British Cave Research Association 4 (4), 443-452. PDF (entire volume)

Conference presentations

Skuce, A.G. 2014 Emissions of Water and Carbon Dioxide from Fossil-Fuel Combustion Contribute Directly to Ocean Mass and Volume Increases.American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2014, abstract #G21B-0444 Blog post and poster.

Skuce, A.G. 2012 Lessons for climate policy from The Great Stink of London. American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2012.  Poster PDF Blog post

Nuccitelli, D. A., Cook, J., Jokimäki, A., Skuce, A. G., Green, S. A., Painting, R., … & Winkler, B. (2012, December). The Consensus Project: Survey of the peer-reviewed scientific literature to determine the degree of consensus on anthropogenic climate change. In AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts (Vol. 1, p. 0754). Abstract

Skuce, A.G., 1999. Layer-bound compaction faulting: Applications for exploration in the South Caspian Basin. International Conference: Geodynamics of the Black Sea – Caspian segment of the Alpine folded belt and prospects of search for economic minerals. Geological Institute of Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences, Baku. Conference summary Abstract

Chuck A. Hale, Michael E. Enachescu, Gerry W. Smee, Dan D. Negut, Andy Skuce, Samo Cilensek, Larry E. Mewhort, Ken J. Hedlin, David J. Emery, 1998. Structural and stratigraphic resolution of marine 3-D seismic data, Jeanne d’Arc Basin offshore Newfoundland. Geo-triad ’98: Abstracts : Plenary, Oral, Posters, Core Workshop, 1998 Pages 383-386 AAPG Datapages. Abstract

Skuce, A.G, Stork, C. and Welsh, C. 1995. Demonstration of Processing and Model Building Methods on a Real Complex Structure Data Set. Society of Exploration Geophysicists Workshop #6 Houston, Texas.  Workshop document PDF

Skuce, A.G. 1995. Geometry of the Burnt Timber thrust sheet. Fault-related folding, GSA Penrose Conference, Banff, Alberta.

Skuce, A.G. 1994. Compaction Induced Structures in the Hanging Walls of Normal Faults: Examples from the Sirte Basin and Elsewhere. CSPG Special Publications, conference presentation. Abstract

Skuce, A.G. 1994. Blind Duplexes Under the Foreland Basin and the Nature of the Triangle Zone Upper Detachment in West Central Alberta. CSPG Special Publications,conference presentation. Abstract

Skuce, A.G. 1980 Finite-element modelling of the British late Carboniferous quartz-dolerite dyke swarm. Geophysical Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society.  61 (1), 208 Conference presentation, The Fourth UK Geophysical Assembly, University of Birmingham UK. Conference programme and abstracts

Magazine articles

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